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 Our Mission is Simple! Provide outstanding staffing and search services.  

We are an award-winning recruiting firm. We build genuine, long-term relationships with our candidates and clients that go beyond a simple transactional relationship. Only qualified, pre-screened individuals will make it to the interview stage. We maintain an extensive database of talented candidates that are worth your consideration. We are successful because we take the right steps to identify and articulate the needs of our clients. After that is established, we connect them with the most qualified, credible, and reliable candidates in business. We've been around for a while because we go the extra mile.


 How We Do It 

We match candidates with career opportunities utilizing their experience and knowledge while providing you with someone who is skilled and ready to succeed. Whether you need someone part-time, full-time, temporary, or permanent – we have the perfect solutions for your business’s needs. We take your criteria and hand-select the perfect person for the job, based on your specific criteria. Rest assured, the individual that walks through your door will be pleasant, qualified, and able to represent your company in a manner that matches your values.

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Your dream job is waiting for you. Westlake Global Solutions provides a first-rate experience and a one-of-a-kind staffing service, placing you in a position of success. Unlock your true potential and watch your star rise. If you are ready to begin your journey to the top, partner with one of the top job placement services in world.

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